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Janet grooming puppy

Paws and Claws Pet Salon is a full-service salon serving dogs of all sizes and breeds. Haircuts include bath, brush, toenails, anal glands and ear cleaning in addition to clipping. The dog will need to be here for approximately 4 hours. If you have a special needs dog, we do provide "in and out" service. We will also do just toenails or toenails and anal glands on a walk-in basis. We also offer bath and brush only service for short and long coated breeds (including toenails, anal glands ear cleaning & trimming of the face and feet). Depending on the breed, it can take from 1 to 4 hours for this service. We do have the Zoom Groom and Furminator to help with shedding issues.

We have one cat groomer (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday only), but do not do hair cuts for cats. Cat grooming includes toenail trimming. On an "in & out" basis, we offer comb-outs, spot shaves and dry shaves while the customer waits. We cannot shave all cats (depends on the cat's age and temperament).

All of our grooming is done out in the open (no back rooms) in full view of customers and each other. Our facility has air conditioning and heat to ensure comfort for all. You can drop off your pet on the way to work and pick up your pet on the way home (by appointment only) for your convenience. If your pet walks on a leash, we will take him/her outside for potty breaks. We use Tropiclean, Easy Groom, and Deflea shampoos. Our regular shampoos are all hypoallergenic.

Janet holding puppies